Transmission Repair Hollywood

You think you may need transmission repair in Hollywood, but aren’t sure where to turn. Bussard’s Auto Center is your answer to “where is there a dependable transmission service near me?” We are a AAA Approved Facility that offers high-quality maintenance and repairs to drivers in Glendale, Hollywood, Silver Lake, Eagle Rock, and beyond. With top-of-the-line equipment to complete repairs, experienced ASE certified auto technicians, and a commitment to customer service, you can count on us to complete everything from routine maintenance like oil changes to engine rebuilds and transmission repairs.

Transmission Repair Hollywood

Bussard’s Auto Center is a full-service auto repair shop that wants you to have a safe and smooth driving experience. Our dedication to honest customer service about what your car needs, tips on maintenance, and thorough repairs are why customers rely on us to take care of their vehicles. By following regular maintenance schedules and fixing car problems as quickly as possible, you can keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come. We offer transmission repair for Hollywood drivers, ranging from transmission fluid flushes to complete rebuilds. Some signs you may need to start looking for “transmission service near me” include:

  • Slipping out of gear while driving
  • Burnt, opaque transmission fluid
  • Leaking red transmission fluid
  • Burning odor while/after driving
  • Grinding or shimmying while shifting gears
  • Car hesitates or jerks while shifting gears
  • Whining noises

These are not guaranteed signs you need major transmission repair, so don’t worry! But they are signs that something is unusual with your vehicle. Our auto experts will inspect the car to diagnose the issue and discuss your options with you. You can then decide on the next course of action.

Coming into Bussard’s Auto Center for transmission repair is convenient for Hollywood drivers. We offer complimentary towing to the shop, same-day work for many services, a shuttle service to work/school/etc, and assistance securing a rental car if needed. If your vehicle is experiencing any of the above signs, protect your vehicle from further damage and yourself from a potentially dangerous driving situation by contacting us today for an appointment.